Dennis Huntington | MVH Bangor Veteran of the Month | U.S. Navy | 1956 - 1957

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Posted: October 10, 2018
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Dennis Huntington was born in Scowhegan, Maine, in February 1938, to Arthur and Madeline Huntington.  Dennis had two younger sisters, and the family moved around a lot on account of Arthur's service in the U.S. Navy

dohDennis first attended Belfast Area High School, then Bangor High School, and finally graduated from Cony High School in Augusta.  He had aspirations of continuing his education at the collegiate level, but knew that his family could not afford it.  His guidance counselor at Cony suggested that he enter the Navy Reserves, so Dennis accepted a 2-year enlistment that soon stretched to 4 years.  With his education benefits in place, Dennis attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he studied electrical engineering.  After graduating, Dennis decided to accept an Active Duty tour with the Navy, and was stationed in the desert in southern California.

"I joined the Navy and ended up in the desert," he said with a wry smile.

After leaving active duty, Dennis moved back to Maine, and attended the University of Maine in Orono to continue studying electrical engineering.  When his finances ran low, Dennis decided to hitchhike back to California to try his luck out west.

"I had a talented thumb," Dennis recalls.  "I didn't look like a gangster, so they usually picked me up."

Once in California, Dennis was finally able to finish his degree, obtaining a Masters in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University.  After graduating, Dennis got a job working for Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, and even did some sales work for IBM.  Later, Dennis returned to graduate school for a degree in creative writing, and look a job teaching high school English in Oakland, California.  

IMG_9367After 8 years of teaching English in California, Dennis traveled to Tokyo, Japan, to teach spoken English at a large school.  After 8 years teaching English in Japan, Dennis traveled to Thailand to study the Universal Tao spiritual and physical training system.  In 1992, Dennis became a Universal Tao Instructor, and in 2003, he earned the status "Senior Instructor" in the Universal Tao System.  He has been a  contributing writer to multiple books and articles on the subject, as well as appeared in several instructional videos.

Thank You, Dennis, for your service to our nation!

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