How Do I Find Long Term Care That Meets the Needs of My Veteran Parent?

Author: Maine Veterans' Homes
Posted: November 16, 2016
Category: Long Term Care

Military service has been a major influence in my father’s life. It’s part of who he is. My father needs long-term care and I want to ensure he gets quality care by people who understand his needs as a veteran and how important it is to him. Who can I turn to?

Maine Veterans’ Homes is different from any other long term care center that may have veterans in residence. It not only welcomes veterans, it was created to care exclusively for veterans and eligible family members.  And in fact, at each of its six locations,  at least 75 percent of the residents must be veterans.

Speaking the Language of Maine Veterans

A primary directive among the staff at each center is to become involved with residents. We are proud that many of our staff members have also served, and they’re all interested in who are residents are. They share the same values. No one is ever too busy to listen. Don’t be surprised if, while taking a tour, they ask “What branch of the service did your father serve? Where did he train? Was he deployed?” They sincerely care.

We know that, more than most, veterans have stories to tell and sometimes painful memories they’ll only share with somebody who’s “been there.” We respect each story as being unique to the veteran telling it. We understand the pain that is still very real from some of these stories. During renovation projects, our staff works closely with our contractors to mitigate noises that might be a trigger or difficult reminder for our Veterans.

Simply put, we are veterans and we get it. Our specialized training goes a long way. We’re trained to not only look after the health and physical well-being of our residents, but to provide for their emotional needs, as well.

A Culture of Honor in Maine Veterans’ Care

We all know that serving seniors is an honorable profession. For us, serving Maine’s veterans makes it even more so.

Commitment and service to our country is recognized every day with special emphasis on monumental occasions. This December will mark the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  At a prior facility event, we had the privilege of recognizing one of our own residents who was there and survived that fateful day. Similarly, we were able to honor our women veterans with minted coin replicas of the Maine Women’s Memorial.

How Do I know What’s Right for My Father’s Long Term Care?

Schedule a visit with Maine Veterans’ Homes. Meet the staff and some of our residents. We encourage families and veterans to get to know us and visit any or all of our locations. An in-person visit to experience the daily life and interactions is the best way to know if the community is the right fit for your parent.

We are more than an assisted living, skilled nursing or long term care center, we are veterans’ advocates. We’re committed 24/7 to Maine’s veterans and their families.

Maine Veterans’ Homes has six locations throughout Maine, each welcoming our honored veterans. Contact Maine Veterans’ Homes online or give us a call at 800-278-9494.