Keep Your Vet in the Game with Daily Rehab

Author: Maine Veterans' Homes
Posted: January 02, 2020
Category: Rehabilitation & Therapy, Long Term Care

When choosing a long term care provider for your parent, one of your biggest concerns is his or her happiness. One of the key ways for a parent to stay happy is by being able to keep doing what he or she loves.

Look for a long term care provider that incorporates daily activities and therapies into the lives of residents. While on-site advanced physical, occupational and speech language therapies are an important advantage, don’t overlook the little things that can matter even more.

Keep Your Parent in the Game with Rehab

Perhaps your parent enjoys playing cards, but he is struggling with his hands due to arthritis. Occupational therapy and strengthening exercises­­ can help make playing cards easier, or a therapist may provide an adaptive device he can use to still try for that flush.

If you’ve noticed memory issues with your parent, look for a nursing home that has therapy services and memory experts on staff. Your parent will likely have opportunities for daily activities such as solving puzzles to combat memory loss.

Here’s an example of how our team at Maine Veterans’ Homes helped ensure the happiness in the day-to-day life of resident and famed jazz trombonist Don Doane.

After a massive stroke left Maine native Don paralyzed, he had to put down his beloved trombone. Therapy helped him regain strength to play a valve trombone, yet health issues and depression caused him stop playing the instrument he loved. It was a Maine Veterans’ Homes volunteer who encouraged Don to start playing the trombone again. “She was my savior, and she was the one that really got me back playing again,” Don said in a video interview with the Portland Press Herald.

Don, who has since passed away, was a pleasure to have at Maine Veterans’ Homes, and we will miss the sounds from his trombone echoing in our halls.


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When choosing a long term care provider, evaluate not only how staff members look after the health and physical well-being of residents -- but how the entire team works together to ensure the daily happiness of each resident.

Rehab Options Make Your Loved One’s Quality of Life a Top Priority

If there’s something your parent wants to be able to do, on-site therapists can help your parent leverage their strengths or give them some adaptive devices or tools to use so they can do so.

Maybe Dad loved to play baseball and still enjoys tossing a ball, but his throwing arm isn’t quite what it used to be. Our program possess tools that could help improve his hand-eye coordination, reaction times and reaction speeds.

Rehabilitation techniques such as strength training and balancing exercises like those incorporated in on-site exercise classes can be both fun and preventative. According to AARP, one in three adults over the age of 65 fall every year, with many of those falls resulting in serious injuries. Knowing there are activities incorporated into daily life that can help your parent stay safe on his or her feet can bring peace of mind to both of you.

Rehabilitation Doesn’t Only Come From a Therapy Room

When choosing a long term care provider for your loved one, it’s important to look for a nursing home that incorporates a multitude of enjoyable and therapeutic programs that match your parent’s interests. For veterans, it’s especially beneficial when the activities feature veteran-oriented themes that stimulate memories and the desire to share them with others.

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