Lubec Native Finds Love in Radio Before, During and After Military

Author: MVH Machias
Posted: July 01, 2020
Category: Maine Veterans of the Month

Henry “Hank” Stence was born in Lubec, though his family rarely stayed in one place long enough to put down roots. His father was in the military and he attended 13 different schools before graduating from Grand Prairie High School in Texas in 1964. Like many Americans at that time, Hank vividly recalls where he was when he learned President Kennedy had been shot, less than 15 miles down the road.  

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Adventures for Hank

After high school, Hank attended Texas Tech’s pre-veterinary program ashank stence military photo part of the Navy Reserves Four by Two program. He chuckles when he reflects back on the organic chemistry class that he never really mastered. When an opportunity arose to fill in doing baseball broadcasting, he gave it a try and enjoyed it. That led to changing his major after two and a half years to radio and television. Hank extended his coursework, but before he could graduate, “Uncle Sam came a calling,” and he began serving two years of active duty at Naval Station Sangley Point in the Philippines. Upon landing at Clark Air Base word spread that Hank had radio experience and just like that he was reassigned and working three radio shifts on the Armed Forces Philippines Network (AFPN). 

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Diving Abroad and in Maine

Hank did a fair amount of diving in the Philippines and loves to share stories about shipwrecks and other discoveries. His love of diving has led to many adventures here in Maine as well. He is known as an aquaculture pioneer in the Lubec area for his work in the sea urchin industry. 

Hank likes to recount stories of his very colorful career, including when he broadcasted during an F5 tornado in Lubbock in 1970.   

Hank is a resident of Maine Veterans’ Homes - Machias and is our Heroes Calendar Veteran of the Month for July.

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