Maine Veterans of the Month: Robert, Manny, Bud and Glendon

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Posted: June 27, 2019
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Each of our residents has a story. 

This month, we’re featuring the stories of four of our veteran residents. Read more from Robert, Manny, Bud and Glendon below. 

Robert Canfield, U.S. Navy (1944-1946)

Birthplace: Beloit, WI

Robert Canfield was born in Beloit, Wisconsin, in 1925 and enlisted in the Navy in 1944 after graduating from high school. Robert served for two years as a Fireman First Class in an ammunition depot before leaving active duty in 1946. 

Robert continued his education, studying philosophy and religion, and graduated from Greenville University in Illinois in 1950. After working as a counselor at a children’s home in Kansas City for a year, Robert and his wife Helen then began 50 years of Christian ministry that would ultimately bring them to Gardiner, Maine. 

Robert helped to build the Gardiner Free Methodist Church building in 1972, where he served as minister for 28 years. Robert is a resident at our Augusta Home.

Manning Hobbs, U.S. Air Force (1945-1946)

Birthplace: Bangor, ME

Manning Hobbs was born in Bangor in 1927. He graduated from Bangor High School and enlisted in the Air Force in 1945, spending time stationed in Japan. 

After leaving active duty, Manny attended the University of Maine in Orono and then the Spartan School of Aeronautics in Oklahoma.

Returning to Maine, he operated Hobbs’ Hobby Center in Bangor for two years. Manny got his pilot’s license and spent several years as the chief pilot and coordinator for the Maine Aviation Service.

Having picked up the guitar while stationed in Japan, Manny and his friend Dick Curless wrote several country songs together that Dick would perform around Maine. Manny is a resident at our Bangor home where he loves to share his stories and his songs.

Lawrence “Bud” Tyler, U.S. Army (1943-1945)

Birthplace: Lubec, ME

Lawrence “Bud” Tyler was born in 1923 in Lubec, Maine, and was drafted into the Army in February 1943. 

After basic training, Bud was sent to the European theater where he served in England, France, Belgium, and Germany during World War II, fighting in two of the last major battles of the European Campaign. 

A little more than a month after the war ended, Bud was released from active duty. He returned to Lubec and his “soulmate,” Laura Sawtelle. 

Bud found work as a carpenter around the Downeast region of Maine, and he and Laura raised a large family that included many of his nieces and nephews. Laura passed away in 2006, and Bud is a resident at our Machias Home.

Glendon F. Kittredge, U.S. Air Force (1947-1949)

Birthplace: Farmington, ME

Glendon F. Kittredge was born on a farm in Farmington, Maine, in 1928. Fascinated by flying, Glendon obtained his private pilot’s license in 1946 and decided to enlist in the Air Force. 

Assigned as a maintenance sergeant, Glendon was stationed in Japan from 1947 until 1949. After leaving active duty, Glendon continued his career as a pilot, obtaining his commercial pilot’s license in 1952 and his multi-engine and instructor licenses in 1953. 

Glendon went to work for Pan American Airlines and once had the privilege of flying former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Throughout his flying career, Glendon qualified and flew the DC-6, Lockheed PV1, Falcon and Jetstar aircraft. 

Glendon is a resident at our Augusta Home.

Thank you, Robert, Manny, Bud and Glendon, for your service.

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