MVH Augusta Veteran of the Month: Richard S. Weeks

Author: MVH Augusta
Posted: October 03, 2017
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Richard-Weeks-1-e1507038407995.jpgRichard S. Weeks was born January 26, 1923, in Randolph, Maine.  He was the middle child, and grew up in Randolph and Gardiner area.  Richard’s father Merle was a pattern maker and his mother Catherine was a seamstress in a shoe factory.

When Richard was nineteen years old he enlisted in the Marine Corps.  He was a Gunner and used a BAR (Browning automatic rifle).  Richard stormed Bougainville Island in the Solomon Islands and stayed in caves. He left when the Army came to take the island but was sent back to help the Army once the Japanese retook the island.  Richard’s unit trailed the unit who took the Japanese flag down and put the American flag up. He was wounded twice by flying shrapnel.  He said there were many sleepless nights on the island.

Richard met his future wife Connie, at fifteen years old in Gardiner. Richard took a fourteen day leave while in the service to come home and marry her. They had a back yard wedding at Richard’s parents’ home in 1946. They have four wonderful children, Richard Jr, Diane, Roxanne and Ron.

Once Richard was discharged he worked for his brother-in-law driving trucks for construction. He also learned how to type at an adult education program in Gardiner and he became a file clerk. Richard was a hard worker; he moved up to be a clothing store keeper and then worked as a coppersmith worker, making pipes for ships.

Richard loves the state of Maine. He was a big outdoorsman, and he enjoyed hunting deer and fishing. He and his family had a camp on Georgetown, Five Islands. Richard bought an old building and tore it down and re-built it. His father had a house next door and would help Richard work on the camp.  They spent a lot of summers down at the coast; they would go out and get clams for dinner. Sitting on the screened in porch having a drink and a smoke is one of his favorite memories

Thank you, Richard, for your service to our nation!

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