MVH Machias Veteran of the Month: Loring Munson

Author: MVH Machias
Posted: September 21, 2017
Category: Maine Veterans of the Month

Loring-Munson-e1505994318578.jpgLoring Munson was born in Dennysville, Maine, on April 22, 1936, to James and Eliza Munson, Loring loved growing up in Downeast Maine and grew up loving the great outdoors.

Remembering many days spent with his father in fields looking for deer, he said, “One morning there was a deer in the field just after daylight. It was a tough shot.” It was laying beneath an apple tree in a large field behind their house. “My dad’s friend fired at it and it flinched.” They were afraid it was only wounded and would get away from them. “We started chasing after it, jumped over the fence and landed on the other side when we realized there was another deer nestled into the grass. My dad fired at that one.” The second shot scared another deer out of the edge of the forest. “It bolted across the field and I shot it while it was running,” Loring recalled proudly.

Loring joined a construction company that was building bridges along Route 1.  After completing this job, he stayed with the same company to build a park with nature trails along the Kenduskeag Stream in Penobscot County.

Wanting a break from the construction scene, Loring joined the U.S. Army and went away to New Jersey for basic training at Fort Dix. Shortly after, he attended mechanic school on the outskirts of Washington D.C., in Maryland. During his time in the service, he spent two years in Germany. When his enlistment time ran out, Loring chose to move home to be with his father. “He lived to be ninety-eight. I hope I can live that long,” he said.

When he returned to Maine, Loring began working with R.B. Dunning & Company where he worked in sales for ten years before moving on to work for General Electric. He enjoyed his job at GE, working the saws to piece metal together. He continued to work there for twenty more years before retiring. On the first day of retirement, he remembers saying, “This is what I’ve been waiting for.”

Loring moved to Lubec, Maine, during his retirement years where he spent a great deal of his time building log cabin style bird houses in his workshop. He also bought himself a dog named Minnie to keep him company.

Loring came to live at Maine Veterans’ Homes in Machias in March 2017 where he has made many friends. He can often be found shooting the breeze with a group of three or four other residents. Loring enjoys many outings, including luncheons, shopping and sight-seeing, but his favorite times are spent with his family when they bring his dog Minnie to our Home for a visit.

Thank You, Loring, for your service to our nation.

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