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Posted: March 11, 2019
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Alma Klotz was born in 1921 in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania.  One of two children, Alma's father worked for the railroad while her mother worked in several factories.  Her parents were able to maintain employment during the Great Depression, so as a child, Alma says she did not feel the effect of the depression as much as others did.

Alma grew up in Tamaqua and attended the local school where she met her future husband, George, who liked to be called by a shortened version of his middle name, Bob.  Bob and Alma were high school sweethearts and were ultimately married for 50 years.  Alma attended nursing school and received her RN.  She then joined the Army Medical Corps while Bob joined the Air Force.  During her time in the Army, Alma worked in stateside hospitals in New Jersey and Alabama, and traveled the globe, serving in North Africa, southern Italy and southern France.  For his part, Bob traveled to China and worked as an airplane mechanic during his time in the Air Force.                                                     

Following her time in the Army Medical Corps, Alma worked as a Public Health Nurse through the Lehigh Valley region where she visited patients and families in their home, teaching them how to take care of themselves.  Alma and Bob had a daughter named Karen, who was trained as a physical therapist and worked at Mercy Hospital for many years.  Sadly, Karen passed away in 2014.  Karen’s husband, Doug, has a very close relationship with Alma and Alma considers him her son.  The feeling is mutual and Doug is very devoted to Alma.  Doug and Karen had two children together, Kira and Daniel. Alma has two great-grandchildren, Lucia and Abel.  Alma's grand-children and great-grand children live out of state but they stay in touch as much as possible.  The extended family, along with Doug and his wife recently gathered in Old Orchard Beach to celebrate “Thanksmas” – a name they came up with to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas while they are all together.                         

Following Alma’s retirement, she and her husband traveled all over the United States.  Alma says she has always enjoyed traveling and took advantage by immersing herself in the local culture.  Alma maintains a busy routine here at the Maine Veterans’ Home in Scarborough, participating in many of the recreational activities offered.  When asked what she likes about MVH, Alma states, “It is comfortable here, but they feed you too much!” When asked about her philosophy about life, Alma states she always stays happy and has longevity on her side.  Doug shared that Alma accepts whatever situation she is in and tries to improve upon it, always displaying a rugged independence.  Alma has been a great addition to our home and everyone enjoys her upbeat attitude and are thankful for the care she provided “the boys” during WWII.

Thank You, Alma, for your service to our nation!

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