Should You Pre-Book Rehab Therapy Before Surgery?

Author: Maine Veterans' Homes
Posted: March 26, 2018
Category: Rehabilitation & Therapy

Pre-booking rehabilitation therapy before going into surgery is becoming a more common practice due to the many advantages and health benefits.

For most patients of an elective surgery, the biggest benefit is knowing a plan is in place for after surgery. The sooner you have a recovery plan, the less stress and more comfortable you and your family will feel. This also allows for a smoother transition from hospital to recovery to home.

Booking Rehabilitation Therapy and Recovery for After Surgery

When pre-scheduling your post-surgery therapy, no matter whether it’s inpatient or outpatient, begin by checking with your doctor to determine what therapy will be prescribed after surgery.

Create a list of potential therapy centers that provide the therapy techniques and equipment you will need. Search online for rehabilitation centers in your area. Ask your friends and doctor for recommendations.

Find a rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility where you can get the recommended amount of therapy, along with a customized treatment plan based on how your recovery progresses. Look for a facility that offers at least six or seven days a week of physical and/or occupational therapy.

Why You Should Pre-Book Your Post-Surgery Therapy

By planning ahead for your post-acute care, you are giving yourself time to choose the rehabilitation center where you want to be.

Narrow your lists of options down to a few and schedule tours. Visit the therapy center, the rooms, the dining and activity areas. Check for cleanliness and observe what the residents are doing and their interactions with staff. Get a feel for the place and trust your instincts.

When you meet with an admissions representative, ask about selecting a room and meeting the therapist (s). Have the therapist walk you through what a therapy program may include. Remember that knowledge is power; don’t underestimate how pre-planning and understanding what lies ahead can relieve stress and aid in recovery.

Also, ask the representative about any assistance or guidance they can provide in benefits. At Maine Veterans’ Homes, we often get asked about our eligibility and veteran benefits for rehabilitation therapy.

Gaining All Your Benefits for Rehabilitation Therapy

Another advantage of pre-planning for therapy after surgery is having time to research your benefits. You may uncover health benefits you didn't know existed for you.

As a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, you may be eligible for veteran’s health benefits that include surgery, physical therapy and other medical care needs.

At Maine Veterans’ Homes, we accept veteran benefits while operating as an independent, non-profit organization separate from the VA. Our staff are trained specifically to care for and work as advocates for veterans and can help you navigate your therapy needs, benefits paperwork and eligibility.

Don’t Be Afraid of Rehabilitation Therapy

One reason many don’t pre-schedule rehab and therapy is the fear of going to a nursing home. It’s understandable to just want to go home after a stay in the hospital. However, it should be even more frightening to think of a poor recovery that puts you back in the hospital.

A nursing home with state-of-the-art therapy equipment and professionals trained in the latest rehab techniques is likely the fastest way to recovery and return home. Many find they have incorrectly stereotyped nursing homes and the skilled rehabilitation therapy they can provide.

At Maine Veterans’ Homes, we have many advanced therapies to help speed your recovery, along with comprehensive discharge planning that may include a home assessment. We also provide family training and education to help the people closest to you become even stronger sources of support for before, during and after your surgery.

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