[Q&A]: How does the waiting list work at Maine Veterans’ Homes?

Author: Maine Veterans' Homes
Posted: July 25, 2017
Category: Eligibility and Benefits

At Maine Veterans’ Homes, there is a wait list at each of our six locations.

These wait lists have grown over the years as more veterans plan ahead and want to select where they receive future care, if ever needed.

Jennifer McKenzie, Admissions Coordinator at our Augusta home, advises all eligible veterans and eligible family members to get on the wait list.

“It’s absolutely a good idea,” she says. “Even if we call you and you are not ready to move, we continue to keep you on the waiting list for the future.”

5 Questions About the Wait Lists at Maine Veterans’ Homes

1. How do I get on a wait list for Maine Veterans’ Homes?

The first step to being added to a wait list is to complete a MVH application for your desired level of care.

2. How many different wait lists are there?

There is a separate wait list for long-term care and for residential care. Wait lists also vary by location.

3. Is there a priority wait list?

Veterans receive priority status on a MVH wait list over non-veterans. Those deemed to have an “at-home risk” also receive priority wait list status (subject to review and approval of the home). If a situation changes to at-risk at any time, call the location to notify them of your change on the wait list.

4. How long will I be on the wait list for a Maine Veterans’ Home?

While this question is always asked, availability is unpredictable and varies between our six locations. An estimated time may be supplied to you at the time your application is submitted, however, realize exact availability is unpredictable.

5. What if I am not able to move when my place on the wait list is called?

When a vacancy occurs, contacts on the wait list are contacted. If at the time of notification, you decline the offer to move, you can remain on the list or be removed if circumstances have changed.

Maine Veterans’ Homes is an independent nonprofit organization with six locations throughout Maine, each welcoming our honored veterans.

Whether you or a loved one is in need of rehabilitative care, therapy services, long-term care or dementia care, we work with you to provide the exceptional care, compassion and support you are looking for.

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