Short Term Skilled Nursing Care: Four Myths vs. Facts

Author: Maine Veterans' Homes
Posted: November 17, 2020
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Whether it’s a hip replacement surgery or a battle with pneumonia, it’s not uncommon to need some form of professional, short term skilled nursing care to help you fully recover. In fact, those who are proactive about their recovery are less likely to face complications that could lead to unwanted hospital readmission.

Even so, many people jump ahead to going home vs. looking into recovery care. This often happens due to misperceptions and myths about what short term care really is. So let’s break down the most common myths:

Myth 1: A short term skilled nursing care center is just like a hospital.

Fact: While some may be, many are not.

Short term skilled nursing care facilities, especially when part of a larger community such as a nursing home, often include home-life comforts, social activities, and an overall less structured environment than a hospital. While you’ll still get professional, around-the-clock skilled care, you’ll also gain more choices in your daily routine.

Nursing homes today are designed to be resident-centered. That means they often have various fun activities, wellness programs, and opportunities to socialize, which can benefit you physically and mentally during your recovery from an illness or surgery.

See the kinds of activities offered in short term care at Maine Veterans’ Homes.

Myth 2: Short term skilled care ends where at-home care begins.

Fact: It shouldn’t. Your recovery should continue when you go home.

A transition plan should be put in place that includes a professional home assessment with safety recommendations to help with daily living, such as adding grab bars in the shower, removing floor rugs to avoid tripping, or rearranging furniture for a walker.

This transition plan should also include setting up any home medical equipment needs, aligning meals or transportation to therapy, and talking with family members or caregivers about your needs, what to expect, and how they can assist.

It’s crucial for you and your family to feel confident and safe when you transition home after a surgery or illness. An effective transitioning home program is focused on your needs for continued recovery.

Transitioning Home with Care at MVH >>>

Myth 3: You don’t have a choice in skilled nursing care.

Fact: There are various options with short term skilled nursing care today, from nursing homes to skilled care facilities to at-home care.

Ask your doctor for recommendations. Have your family help research your options. Before the hospital discharges you, ensure the short-term care center has the therapies and equipment you need to recover fully, staffing to meet your needs and an atmosphere where you will feel comfortable.

While getting back home is always top of mind, don’t forget to prioritize choosing the skilled nursing center that provides the best possible care for your needs.

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Myth 4: In skilled nursing care, you don’t leave your room.

Fact: As you recover and begin to feel well, you should want to leave your room and should leave your room.

Again, this is why it’s essential to choose a skilled nursing care center with an environment where you feel comfortable. When you feel well enough to move around, it will be good for you physically and mentally to socialize with other residents, have a meal with family in the dining area, or attend an activity or two.

Maine Veterans’ Homes was created to provide compassionate care and support our Veterans need, and that is why 85 percent of our beds are solely reserved for Veterans. Our staff is trained in caring for our Veterans, and our activities are centered around their interests.

When you are recovering from an illness or surgery, it’s comforting to have people around you who understand you. Don’t underestimate the power and strength the bond with fellow veterans can provide as an emotional support system.

Short Term Skilled Care at MVH

At Maine Veterans’ Homes, we offer short term skilled nursing care at five of our six locations in Maine: Augusta, Bangor, Caribou, Scarborough, and South Paris. We work closely with your doctor to develop customized care plans with 24/7 skilled nursing care and advanced therapies

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