Do Veterans Get Free Nursing Home Care?

Author: Maine Veterans' Homes
Posted: January 12, 2020
Category: Eligibility and Benefits

We wish we could say, “Yes, all veterans receive free nursing home care!”

However, while this is unfortunately not the case in our current health care system, veterans can receive additional benefits and stipends for nursing home care. Also, they have access to nursing homes established just for veterans and the specialized care they need.

Veteran Benefits for Long Term Care

Throughout the United States, there is at least one veteran nursing home in every state. The levels of care and eligibility vary from nursing home to nursing home.

Maine Veterans’ Homes, a not-for-profit organization separate from the VA, has six nursing homes throughout Maine that provide long term nursing care, memory care, short-term skilled care and rehabilitation and therapy services.

At each of our facilities, 75 percent of our occupancy is reserved solely for veterans. The remainder is for eligible family members or Gold Star parents.

Like other long term care providers, MVH does accept Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance.

We also have a daily stipend available to eligible veterans aside from the VA benefits they may receive to help cover the costs of care.

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What Will a Nursing Home Cost My Veteran Parent?

“It’s not a simple answer,” said Deb Fournier, chief operations officer at Maine Veterans’ Homes.

Instead, it’s based on the veteran’s specific medical condition, financial circumstance, insurance and other factors.

“That’s why it’s really pertinent to talk with a benefits representative early on,” Fournier said. “They can help you determine eligibility and what benefits are available for your parent.”

At Maine Veterans’ Homes, our benefits and admissions representatives have knowledge and experience working with veterans and veterans’ organizations. They can guide you through the process of benefits paperwork, applications and eligibility.

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To get started, we recommend you have a copy of your parent’s military discharge paperwork (DD Form 214) and inform his or her primary care provider of the intent to use Maine Veterans’ Homes. Even if your parent never needs our services, it’s helpful to have paperwork complete and a plan in place for the future.

Also, several of our locations already have waitlists. Learn how to join our waitlist to ensure your parent gets the care and benefits he or she deserves.

Why Choose a Veterans’ Nursing Home?

At Maine Veterans’ Homes, we are different from other long term care centers that may have veterans in residence. We were created to care exclusively for veterans and eligible family members.

This means our staff is trained specifically to care for veterans and their unique needs. Our activities are geared toward specific interests. And most important, residents gain the companionship of fellow comrades.

We’re proud that many of our staff members have also served and share the same values as our residents. We’re trained to not only look after the health and physical well-being of our residents, but to provide for their emotional needs too

Get your free Maine Veterans’ Homes Eligibility Guide today to see your benefits and admission information.

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