What is Therapy Like at Maine Veterans’ Homes?

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Posted: April 05, 2021
Category: Rehabilitation & Therapy

After your parent experiences an illness or injury, they usually want to get back to a normal routine as quickly and safely as possible. At the rehabilitation centers at Maine Veterans' Homes, that’s our goal, too. We provide 24/7 skilled nursing care and the therapy they need to return home and stay healthy.

Why Should My Parent Receive Rehabilitation After Surgery?

While getting back to a daily routine and out of the hospital may be the first goal, if your mom or dad’s doctor recommends therapy or rehab, it’s for a good reason.

First, therapy will help them regain their strength and skills after an illness or injury. Even though they’ve left the hospital, they’re not entirely better. After a stay of any length, they may have lost muscle mass or tone; after surgery, they may need to re-learn how to do various tasks.

Second, rushing back into regular activities can mean forcing their body into doing things it’s not ready for. For example, if you broke your leg, you wouldn’t run a 5K the next day. Think of any illness or injury you’ve had like this to understand why therapy can be so helpful

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Who Can Receive Rehabilitation at Maine Veterans' Homes?

Veteran status and other factors play a role as well, including:

  • Diagnosis and medical needs
  • Current placement
  • Roommate compatibility

We provide inpatient therapy for Veterans at five of our locations, with outpatient therapy offered at the Bangor location.

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Therapy Services at Maine Veterans' Homes

We offer a variety of therapies to help your loved ones recover, regain their strength, and return to their daily routine.

Physical Therapy

Whether they need wound care, orthopedic rehab, pain management, cardiac and pulmonary care, or general conditioning after an illness or injury, our physical therapists can help.

Occupational Therapy

Get your parent used to a regular routine again with occupational therapy. This might include improving behavioral skills, learning to complete everyday tasks, strengthening their hand-eye coordination, and more.

Speech-Language Therapy

An incident like a stroke or neurological problem can damage speech or language capabilities, but our speech therapists can help. We offer therapy for voice and hearing disorders, apraxia, swallowing disorders, and more.

Individual Attention 

Rehab should be a team effort among the person receiving care, their physical therapist or doctors, and family members. That’s why we provide a custom treatment plan for every resident.

And because therapy doesn’t end when someone goes home, you’ll also receive a comprehensive discharge plan that’s tailored to your specific needs and will help you sustain your progress. Your family can even receive training and education so they can better understand and support your journey toward healing.

About Maine Veterans’ Homes

If you’re considering Maine Veterans' Homes for rehabilitation for a loved one, download our Rehab and Therapy Guide to learn more about how to apply.

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